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Help, i need to get my teeth pulled!?

Well i really hate needles and when i go for cavaties i ask the dentist to not use novacaine, i just cant stand shots.

So i am getting 3 baby wisdom teeth pulled out 2 on the bottom 3 on the top.

My dentist said if i can wiggle them or pull them out somehow i wont need to, obviously, have them pulled out.


Help, i need to get my teeth pulled!?
Well the best thing to do is a,llow him to put a shot in your mouth if he does it right you shouldnt feekl it. My dentiosts always wiggle my lip so I dont feel it works very well and never can feel the shot. Ask him about that. Believe me without the shot it will hurt a hek of alot worse. I also hate needles and never look at them while they givge me a shot just dont look and tell the doctor not to show you.
Reply:Both kids just had them taken sounds bad but isn't don't really feel the shot....besides the small shot is better than one of the teeth being impacted.
Reply:Ask the dr to use "topical", its a numbing jelly they put on a q-tip then they put it on the gums where the needle has to go. It numbs the skin so you don't feel it. You could also try laughing gas. It doesn't make you laugh, don't just makes you relax a little so you don't worry about what's happening. It will be fine! Or you could focus on wiggling them! Good luck!


Can I get my wisom teeth pulled for free in Ontario?

I do not have dental and my wisdom teeth have been growing in for about a year now. I can't stand the pain anymore. Is there any way I can get my teeth pulled for free?

Can I get my wisom teeth pulled for free in Ontario?
Go find your local health clinic. Maybe they know of a dentist that will donate his time, or will do the work for a reduced rate, or will allow you to pay this off in installments. Otherwise, if there's a dental school in your area, ask if they accept patients for teaching purposes.
Reply:ha ha dream on! are you a student? pay like I did last week, 600 bucks!
Reply:In Joyceville Penitentiary as well as in other similar places they do it for free:
Reply:I know it cost my parents about 750 for my brothers 4 wisdom teeth to come out. It's something that you have to pay for which kind of you might as well start setting some money aside for them to come out :(, it has to be worth it to get out of the pain.

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Will the dentist give me my teeth after he/she pulls them?

I am going to the dentist on Monday to have 7 teeth pulled (4 wisdom, 1 extra wisdom, 1 molar in front of the lower wisdom and 1 upper tooth. If I want to keep one of my wisdom teeth will they give it to me, or is there some policy that says they have to dispose of the teeth?

Will the dentist give me my teeth after he/she pulls them?
You can ask for the teeth, but if there is any decay on a tooth it is considered a bio-hazard and they aren't supposed to let it leave the office without proper disposal. Ditto for teeth that come out in pieces. Hopefully you'll be able to take home that extra wisdom tooth (if it's an upper it may come out intact), they usually look like cute little mini-molars!!
Reply:No they will give to you if you want them.
Reply:wow that's a lot of teeth. = a lot of pain.
Reply:they will give it to u. just ask for them
Reply:from my personal experience, yes they will give them to you if you ask for them. be warned though... the wisdom teeth don't always come out in one piece!
Reply:The dentist will give you your teeth if you ask for them. When my husband had his teeth pulled, I asked the dentist for the molars and made a pair of earrings out of them. That was back in my biker days, though. The husband and the earrings are long gone now.
Reply:If you ask them they will give you the tooth, but I remember when the first time I went to a dentist this lady didn't give me the tooth eventhough I told her I wanted to take it home. So, its all about the luck of the draw, if you get nice people they might give it to you, if not they won't.

Have a nice time at the dentists office. I'm glad all my teeth have been squared away.

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How long to wait after teeth pulled?

how long do i have to wait untill i can drink alcohol again if i had 2 teeth pulled i can eat solid food and theres no bleeding but i do have stitches there but there disolvable and i got them pulled 2 days ago (tuesday)

How long to wait after teeth pulled?
You should be ok at this point as long as you are no going to drink a large amount of alcholol. Alcohol thins the blood and that might make it likely for you to end up with a dry socket, but dry socket usually happens within 48 hours of the extractions. Be gentle to yourself, you are still healing....

Hope that helps!

JAMRDH -a dental hygienist
Reply:You may be safe. Just don't do any sloshing.

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My 10 month baby boy got two sharp teeth at lower jaw. He is bitting and pulling wildly while I nurse. Help.?

I wish to nurse him for more months till he likes. But it is very hard and painful to nurse him. If I tell him not to do that he does more and more. what to do?

My 10 month baby boy got two sharp teeth at lower jaw. He is bitting and pulling wildly while I nurse. Help.?
I had the same problem.

You need to firmly (with a strong, fairly loud voice), say, "NO!" when he tries to pull away, or when he bites you. You want it to be something that will startle him - that is a feeling that he won't like, and if he can associate not liking the feeling with the action, he will learn to stop doing it. Just telling him not to do it in your regular, nicey-nicey baby voice will not do the trick.

This is just the beginning of you teaching him what is not okay.

If he doesn't change his behavior right away, you will need to stop nursing. At 10 months, he should already be starting on other foods, so he shouldn't be missing any nutrition.
Reply:I think I would consider him lucky and switch to formula for the last 2 months. Ouch. Sorry for your pain.
Reply:u should probably stop if u want to keep ur breast
Reply:It's time to switch to bottle feed. When babies start to have teeth, they have the urge to bite on things.
Reply:You have to inturrupt the nursing. As soon as he bites you need to look directly in his eyes and say "OUCH!" very firmly with a hurt expression on your face. Then immediatly remove him from the breast. wait about 30 seconds then try it again. Keep going with that until he understands that biting = no food.

he will get it. My daughter did.
Reply:I would just switch over to formula. When kids get their new teeth in they love to bite on animals, teething rings, bottles they get those urges and well I guess they like to try the new teeth out. If he starts randomly chewing on your arms or something else then you have a little something to contorl there. It is just what kids do.
Reply:That sounds painful. Why don't you try a breast pump and use a bottle? Or try to get him to understand that he can't do that.
Reply:my wife went through this with our daughter

what she did was switch to useing a breast pump and bottle feeding until the teething stage past then went back to normal nursing...Part of that is real mothers milk is way better for a kid then the stuff that comes in a can the second part was we were young and mostly broke back then so it was cheaper!
Reply:I had same problem since he was 7 months old, now he is 12 months old.

When he first realize he got teeth (same, 2 at the bottum), he was "trying" to bite me. Everytime he tried to so, I stopped nursing and told him " No, you hurt me" and gave him some timeout (time out from my breast). After couple times try, he stopped doing it. When he was 9 months old, he was teething badly, at that time, he bite me again. I did the same routine and he stopped also. I think it is just stages they go through.

May be you can try the trick, or, during this hard time, pump out your milk and give him in bottle.
Reply:I have told my baby no firmly and put him down on the floor. It took a few tries but he hasn't bitten me in a few weeks. It might help to say ouch that hurts mommy.
Reply:That tends to happen maybe he doesn't want to be nursed anymore.Also when you tell him to do that he probably thinks that you are playing around with him.Maybe you should stop.
Reply:I have heard of covers you can put on your nipples to protect from biting babies, but I dont know where you can get them. count your lucky stars you breast feed this long I only could for 5 weeks each baby. maybe its time for bottle even if you pump so he still gets breastmilk
Reply:My son did that at 7 months...its a good sign to start weaning. You can still pump and give him breastmilk in a bottle
Reply:flick his cheak. not too hard, but he will associate biting with pain and will learn to stop. he will get his feelings hurt at first but it will be ok.
Reply:He can't help himself. He's way too young to be able to control himself like that.

You may have to reconsider your breastfeeding plan. Maybe try pumping.
Reply:Try pulling him in close for a few seconds when he does that. Eventually he will connect biting with having a hard time breathing. I read that in the Baby Book by Dr. Sears It sounds mean but it might work.

I've never had to try it but give it a shot
Reply:My mom said that I tried to bite when I was your sons age and that she would flick my cheek while looking at me and say "Ouch that Hurts" very firmly with her voice raised. She says the first time she did it it scared me and I cried a little. She said it only took her two days and I never did it again. When I started getting the rest of my teeth she just said that she would look at me if I stopped nursing and that the eye contact would get me back on track for eating because she would ask "are you done?". She/I stopped nursing when I was 15 months old.
Reply:1. Unlatch him from the breast immediately and say "Ouch" or "Biting hurts mama" or something like that. Try not to get too angry or make a HUGE deal of it. You'll need to keep your finger very close to his face so that you can unlatch quickly when he starts to bite.

2. When you nurse, have at the ready something he CAN bite as soon as you take the nipple away. You want something cold and perhaps hard (a piece of ice in a baby-safe feeder or a wet, frozen washcloth) so that he begins to learn that warm, soft nipples are not for biting, but cold, hard things are good for biting. He's probably teething and really does need to chew on something--you just need to teach him what he can and can't bite.

Good luck!

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Should i get my wisdom teeth pulled?

my dentist recomends to all his younger patients to get their wisdom teeth pulled. I havent got mine pulled yet adn was wondering if i should go or not?

Should i get my wisdom teeth pulled?
It depends on whether you have room in your mouth for them or not.
Reply:If they cause pain
Reply:The sooner the better. It just gets worse as you get older. The roots grow deeper and they're harder to get out.
Reply:Get a second opinion. Any surgery is a risk, and if your teeth aren't causing you pain at the moment, don't have them removed.
Reply:I thought if you didn't pull them out they eventually become more irritating and later on a huge problem. So from what I've heard...I think you should get them taken out...
Reply:It's really up to you, if they aren't bothering you, then why should you? I had one pulled because it needed to be, but the others haven't given me any problem.
Reply:Get them extracted only if there is or will become a potential problem. A good thing to do is get your dentist to take a panoramic radiograph. That will show all your wisdome teeth, the position in the jaw, and in relation to all the other teeth. Wisdom teeth can indeed become a problem but keep a watch on them.

Good luck
Reply:I had mine pulled when I was around 22 or 23 because they were impacted. I'm not a dentist, but I think it's typical for most people to have their wisdom teeth pulled because they cause lots of problems.
Reply:it all depends, but it makes your cheeks swell up like a chipmunk
Reply:They in general are not useful for anything.

And sometimes they are bad for they cause problem for the other teeth.

That was the reason I had mine wisdom teeth pulled.

They were pushing the other teeth forward.
Reply:Sandy B is right.
Reply:might as well get it over with. i got mine out last summer and my sister got hers out today. my dentist said I had to get them out because I had no room for them. my sister was having trouble because her wisdom teeth were growing and causing pain. I had a horrible experience but I had a horrid doctor. She had a diff. guy and he was excellent. As a matter of fact, my sister is walking and talking just fine. She thought this would be the most terrible experience of her life. It's not that bad. Get it over with now so you don't have to bother later. Good luck! -Toothless
Reply:I have had only two wisdom teeth pulled and I'm 30. They only reason I had them pulled is because they finally were causing me pain. It depends on if you have enough room for them or if they cause you pain. Even though I was older when I got them done, my dentist said it was no different than pulling them on a younger patient. Good luck!
Reply:If a wisdom tooth causes you pain, then definitely get it pulled out. In fact, if you can afford it, I would at the same time get the other 3 wisdom teeth pulled out. It saves you pain and money in the long run.

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Do you have to get Wisdom teeth pulled???

I haven't got mine pulled yet and was wondering why do u have to and if not then why do so many ppl get them pulled. what are the benefits of getting ur wisdom teeth pulled and what are the cons.

Do you have to get Wisdom teeth pulled???
Not everyone needs to get them pulled. They are supposed to be a left over from our cave man days - coming in later in life after to replace teethe that may have broken off gnawing on bones. Some jaws are just not big enough to accommodate the extra teeth and the wisdom teeth may grow in sideways or interfere with nerves etc. That is when they need to be removed. They are a bit smaller than the other molars and being so far back may be cause for hygiene problems - prompting removal for prophylactic reasons only.
Reply:I don't have to. I was born without them. hahahahahahahaha. Shalalalala
Reply:you don't have to get them out ,if they come in right under the molar as they will just push the molar out
Reply:Most of the time, yes.

If you don't have extra space between your teeth, then it's a good idea to have them removed.

My TMJ got better after mine were removed.
Reply:not all people have their wisdom teeth taken out. You only need to if they cause you problems. Often people's jaw or mouth is not large enough for all the teeth to fit comfortably so it is common to have the wisdom teeth pulled if they look likely to cause a problem. If you reach adulthood without them taken out it is unlikely you will need to.
Reply:Okay I can help you with this one I just got one of mine pulled which I was like you not wanting to I was busy and in school . Well it decided to really start growing in the last month of school with finals and all. It was so painful I didn't have room in my mouth and my jaw was limited to opening. I really suggest you get them out I think they have a mind of their own and they can come out anyway they want and you can't say if they will be painful, mess up your other teeth or seriously cause an infection.
Reply:not always. Sometimes your wisdom teeth can grow in normally and not bother you at all. but most of the time they can grow in and your mouth is too small so it hurts really bad. Getting them pulled you dont have to deal with the pain anymore.. so that's good.. but a bad thing is if you dont like needles cuz they put me to sleep when i had mine done, also your mouth could bleed a lot for a few hours after you get them pulled. another is if you eat something it could get stuck in the hole where your tooth once was and that hurts pretty bad too.
Reply:You only need to get them pulled if they start to cause you problems. My top front teeth used to be straight but because I did not get both top wisdom pulled, my left tooth overlaps the right one a bit. I wish I had them both pulled at the same time.